"What's Your Moonshot?" Q & A Recording

Many thanks and much love to everyone who registered for our open Q & A session on 11/17!

We received so many great questions, including:

  • How did your calling appear and evolve?

  • How can you identify if it’s a "calling" versus just an itch or something you may want to do?

  • Is it possible to take your calling and purpose into an organization to drive a larger impact, change the status quo, and be a creator, challenger, or coach from within? Or is the activation of this calling best done as an entrepreneur and business owner?

  • Why did you use the term “Moonshot” as the name of your new coaching offering and does it mean the same for both of you?

  • Can you briefly explain mission vs vision and is our calling connected more to one vs the other?

  • Isn't a mission statement your goal and a vision statement how you reach your goal?

  • Is the Moonshot available for a duo? I've found my teammate and am curious how that would look.

  • Is the Moonshot a group experience or 1:1 with both of you?

As alluded to in some of the questions, we also provided everyone a preview of our new coaching experience for business leaders, the Moonshot Immersive.

Much more to come on that but here are the links to …

Download the Moonshot Immersive deck

Book a Discovery Call with us


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